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TDG Food Bracket: Final Four Voting Post

Vote now to send your favorites to the Finals!

Quick note about the voting for the Final Four. We noticed what appeared to be bot activity in one of the Elite Eight voting posts. To be honest, we never thought anyone would care enough about our silly little bracket to go bot it and the standard SBN poll tool is definitely open to that behavior. We don't think the venues did anything wrong (our guess is overly invested fans got their bot on) but the vote to traffic numbers definitely didn't jive and that's why we assume what we do.

Since there are no prizes to award, bragging rights here are minimal, and we have fall camp to worry about later this week we're going to continue with the bracket. If this bothers you, I understand but we're a sports blog first and FOOTBAWWWW is here. We may not succeed with stopping the bots and as a result I wouldn't get too worked up over it. However, we are trying and that's why you'll see different voting methods in the Final Four posts.

Thanks for making me write those two paragraphs bot lovers. You are the reason that no one can have nice things and that I had to waste my time today.


#1 Big 10 Restaurant vs. #10 George and the Dragon vs #13 Sea Salt --- VOTE HERE!

#14 Fat Lorenzo's vs. #14 Saint Dinette -- VOTE HERE!

Go vote for your favorites!