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TDG Turns 8 Today...Happy Birthday to Us.

Been waiting for the magical 8th Blogaversary! Couldn't have done it without you Adam.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

I very nearly forgot that today was our blog birthday! But it was 8 years ago today that PagingJimShikenjansky and I kicked off The Daily Gopher on the SBN Network of blogs.  8 human years is like 52.45 blog years...we are super old.

But millions of pageviews, thousands of posts (dozens of good ones) and hundreds of passionate Gopher fans who come here to create the best community of Gopher fans on the web has made this an awesome ride.  Not much else to say, but this is really a fun endeavor, albeit a labor of love sometimes.  Personally, this is my creative outlet and I've made some good friends because of it so a brief moment to pause and be thankful that we are still going strong.

First Post

I want to know what you've enjoyed most here?

What have been your highlights or top moments on the blog?

And I'll see you all in Pasadena in January!