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Minnesota Football-20 Days Until Football Season

Julian Huff wears number 20 for the Maroon and Gold

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There are now 20 days left until football season. Julian Huff, not to be confused with Julianne Hough Google, wears number 20 for the Maroon and Gold. The sophomore played in thirteen games last year, predominantly as a pass rushing specialist. Huff's best game last season was probably his first. Against TCU, he has seven tackles and a sack and generally caused havoc every time he stepped on the field.

Assuming Claeys is telling the truth that the Gophers will look to have more 3-4 looks this season, Huff will likely play a key role as a pass rushing specialist. It is somewhat strange to see a much smaller linebacker take on big left tackles, but there is an obvious method to the madness. Huff is big enough that if he gets around his blocker the quarterback or running back will not be able to shed his block and fast enough to get around the blocker at the beginning. In a perfect world, he'd be 245 pounds and about 5 inches taller and we would be considering his pro prospects. Nonetheless, Huff embodies much of how the Gophers recruit on defense. The coaches pay attention to measurements, however, they also look for athleticism with the recognition that sometimes a player's best position is not the obvious one.

Blog Notes

As a heads up, Football Study Hall (ninja edit. As commenters note below, ours is officially called the TDG Football Seminar to avoid confusion with the other great blog) will be returning for another season. I'll probably more details in the coming weeks along with what book(s) we'll be using to get smarter on the sport that tends to leave lots of its players with head injuries. Dramatic irony is a key component of being a college sports fan.