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Ranking Minnesota Football’s Schedule Posters For 2016

Can’t wait to pick them up at the State Fair!

Gopher Sports

A week or two ago the Gophers released two of three football schedule posters for the season. Last week they unveiled the third.

As a full service blog, we thought the only reasonable thing to do now that we know what they all look like was to rank them in order of awesomeness. Since this is an entirely subjective process I’m sure you’ll disagree in the comments. Just know in advance that you’re wrong and I’m right because reasons.

#1 - The Helmet Poster

Gopher Sports

Why is this the best? Here are three reasons:

  • The matte maroon helmets are the best.
  • The poster has the right amount of maroon and gold in it.
  • The photo was taken prior to the Vikings playing in TCF so the end zone is gold and I miss the gold end zones so this poster makes me wistful and nostalgic for a bye-gone era.
  • So I'm not very good at Mondays, as the gold is just the lettering in the green end zone. That should have been obvious but I'm an idiot so...yea. Still the best poster.
  • It’s going to look amazing in my cubicle.

#2 - The Helmet Poster

So good that it actually occupies two positions.

#3 - The Block M Gloves Poster

Gopher Sports

Love those gloves and will gladly put a poster of them up in my cube next to the Helmet Poster.

#4 - The Motivational TCFBS Poster

Gopher Sports

I’m just not feeling this one compared to the other two. I’m still going to proudly display it in my cube though.

So, now that you’ve seen my rankings it’s time for you to tell me how I’m wrong!