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Minnesota Football’s fall practice schedule includes 5 open sessions

Here’s when you can see Minnesota practice in person.


UPDATE 8/9: Hat tip to @RedditCFB, who alerted me to the fact that the practice times for the final four practices changed slightly. Those changes are reflected below.



In keeping with that exciting fact, the Gophers released an Open Practice schedule for the fall. This year, 5 fall practices will be open to the public across 4 different days. Here is the full schedule of practices that you and I can attend:

Minnesota Football Preseason Camp Dates Open To The Public

Saturday, Aug. 6, 10 AM - Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 10:45 AM - Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex

Friday, Aug. 12, 10:45 AM - Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex

Saturday, Aug. 13, 9:25 AM - Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex

Saturday, Aug. 13, 4:40 PM - scrimmage at TCF Bank Stadium

If you need a little football fix prior to the kickoff against Oregon State, these practices can be a great solution. And with 3 Saturday options, even folks working a traditional 9-5 can get into the fun.

Anyone planning on going?