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Minnesota Football releases depth chart for Oregon State

Please note that this depth chart IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Minnesota v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I want a show of hands. If I told you at the beginning of August that Conor Rhoda would be QB2 on an official Minnesota depth chart a little over a week before the season opener would you have believed me? Nope, me either but this is one of several notable roster moves in Minnesota’s first depth chart of the 2016 football season.

I’d like to remind people again that the depth chart says very clearly that it is subject to change. So if there is something within that has you hot and bothered I’d remind that A) SUBJECT TO CHANGE is written at the top...

...and B) it’s one depth chart. I know, I know...that’s a futile nod to calm that will probably be ignored. Please note that there are no injuries listed so if the player you were hoping to see isn’t on the depth chart we don’t know for sure if injuries are the cause.

Some other noticeable items from perusing the chart:

  • Ray Buford is CB1 alongside Jalen Myrick. He’s been practicing with the 1’s for over a week now so this isn’t a total shock (unless you’re me and your work bubble meant you missed that detail).
  • Brandon Lingen isn’t listed. Not a complete shock, as it never felt likely that they’d rush him back from shoulder surgery.
  • Kobe McCrary is RB2. Another one that seemed likely given Shannon Brooks’ injury and the reports from camp.
  • There are seven true freshman in the two deep: Phillip Howard (WR2), Tyler Johnson (WR2), Kamal Martin (LB), Antoine Winfield Jr (S2), Kiondre Thomas (CB2), Coney Durr (CB2), John Mack (K2)
  • As expected, Ryan Santoso is listed as the starting punter and Emmit Carpenter is listed as starting kicker.

I’m sure I’m not noticing something, so sound off in the comments! Here’s the full depth chart: