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Minnesota Football: Gophers First Opponent, Oregon State in the News

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

So the Beavers are coming to town next week and I wanted to give you little bit of news as to what is going on in Corvallis, Oregon as they prepare to take on our Gophers.

Open Tryouts


So this is odd, but Gary Andersen is holding open tryouts to walk on to the football team.  I guess when you are coming off a 2-10 season, perhaps needing some practice depth; you really have nothing to lose.  It really seems odd that open tryouts would be held so late in Fall Camp, but maybe that's a timing thing as they had to wait for students to arrive on campus.  I played WR in high school, maybe I should quickly enroll.

Camp Report

LINK has their latest camp report that included a video of Gary Andersen previewing the Gophers (video below).  The Beavers have gone into Minnesota prep and are getting ready for the Gophers.  Oh, Beaver fans have voted and nearly 70% of them are predicting a win over the Gophers.  Our friends at Building the Damn are a bit more measured and predict a Gopher win.

Oregon St Poll

Standout Players for the Beavers


The Oregon Live writers looked at who would be the standout players for the Beavers this year. This is a good read to get a feel for players you'll want to know heading into next week's game.

Beaver Scrimmage Notes


from our friends at Building the Damn

Defense Needs Dramatic Improvement


The Beavers were one of the worst defenses in the country last year and only return 4 players who started at least half of the games.  Should be interesting to see how much they improve and if the Gopher's new OL can open some major holes.

Gary Andersen talks about the Gophers

Post-practice interview.