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TDG Food Bracket: Final Four Voting Results

Which two venues will fight for the chance to be the TDG Food Bracket champion?

Apologies to all. Today was...a day. As a result, this recap post is going up MUCH later than I planned. So no more delays, here are the results from the Final Four voting!

#14 Fat Lorenzo's vs. #14 Saint Dinette

Saint Dinette emerges victorious in the battle of the 14 seeds!

NOTE: If the vote total seems different than one you saw after you voted it's because I found a handful of IP addresses which had a lot of votes for both venues tied to them. This is the updated vote total after bot/script IP's were removed. I know folks really love their favorite food joints but let's stick to the fun spirit of the bracket next round ok?

#1 Big 10 Restaurant vs. #10 George and the Dragon

Campus favorite and top seed Big Ten Restaurant is headed to the TDG Food Bracket Finals!

NOTE: No IP's needed to be scrubbed. Every IP that voted for B10 and GatD were unique visitors.

Updating the bracket...

Time for the final showdown...

Big 10 Restaurant vs. Saint Dinette

Voting opens tomorrow (Thurs, 8/4) at 7am and will run until Monday (8/8) at 7am. It's likely that the announcement of the winner will be delayed until later on Monday but we will attempt to avoid that if possible.