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Minnesota Football: Awful Vikings News, But We are 1 Day From Football

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

condolences to our friends at Daily NorsemanSo our condolences to our friends at Daily Norseman.  Many of us are also Vikings fans and the news that Teddy Bridgewater's knee was nearly destroyed was about the worst thing imaginable for the 2016 Vikings.  The season isn't over but as they point out here, the ceiling and expectations are much lower.

But there will be football, it starts tomorrow and in the Land of 10,000 Lakes there still is a chance at a team having a very good season.

Full disclosure I think I should take full responsibility for this one.

  • 1998 at NFC Championship game - I sarcastically joked "what if he misses this field goal?"  The guy in front of me was really kinda pissed at me.
  • 2009 NFL Championship game - after being cautiously optimistic all season, right before the 12-men in the huddle penalty I said to my wife, "they're actually going to do it this year."  Nope.
  • 2016 - I actually said to my wife just a couple days ago, "Maybe this is their year, they'll actually be pretty good this year."

So I've learned (finally) a couple valuable lessons.

1 - Just don't say anything about the Vikings.  Nothing.

2 - It hasn't bitten me yet when it comes to the Gophers, but I'm not taking any chances.

Moving on to some Nugz.  Really feel crappy about the Vikings but this is a Gopher blog and we still have reason for optimism (maybe too much optimism :)).

Did I mention that tomorrow is GAME DAY!!??!!  So excited.