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Rio Olympics Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke Finals: Watch Gopher David Plummer Go For Gold!

USA! Go Gophers!

Olympics: Swimming-Afternoon Session Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: David Plummer has won bronze!


The event Minnesota fans should be watching tonight is definitely the men’s 100 meter backstroke finals. Why? Because Gopher alum David Plummer is swimming for a medal and has a shot at gold!

When: 8:38 pm CT


In the second semifinal last night, David finished with a time of 52.50. That was the second best time of all finalists, just a single hundredth of a second behind fellow American Ryan Murphy.

Plummer, Murphy, and the six other swimmers will race at 8:38 pm CT tonight. Here’s the lane information for the finals:

Lane 1: Ryosuke Irie - Japan

Lane 2: Xu Jiayu - China

Lane 3: Mitch Larkin - Australia

Lane 4: Ryan Murphy - USA

Lane 5: David Plummer - USA

Lane 6: Camille Lacourt - France

Lane 7: Evgeny Rylov - Russia

Lane 8: Robert Glință - Romania