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Big 10 Restaurant is your TDG Food Bracket Champion!

HATS OFF to a Campus landmark!

The people have spoken. Big 10 Restaurant is the inaugural champion of the TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket!

Big 10, the top seed in the Campus Region, defeated Saint Dinette, the #14 seed of the St. Paul Region. I’d like to congratulate both venues on their fun runs through the bracket. Big 10 is a must stop for me each fall during football, but I’m excited to stop in at Saint Dinette as well in one of my expat sojourns back to the Twin Cities.

Either way, thanks to all the venues who got into the bracket on social media and thanks to everyone who nominated a venue, commented, or voted. This bracket was a lot of work but it was also fun. I’ll get a post up later this week asking for suggestions on how to improve the bracket for next year, so be thinking about that.

In the meantime, HATS OFF to Big 10 and GO GOPHERS!