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Minnesota vs. Oregon State: Recap - Final Score 30-23

Never In Doubt

Oregon State v Minnesota Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images


Minnesota shrugged off miscommunication, bad snaps, a subpar offensive effort for much of the game, and an impressive number of targeting calls to beat Oregon State 30-23. The Gophers are 1-0 on the season and we can flush this game from our memory as soon as possible.

Mitch Leidner was 13 of 26 for 130 yards. He also ran 14 times for 69 yards with two touchdowns before taking multiple knees.

Rodney Smith led the Gophers with 125 yards on 25 carries and also recorded two touchdowns.

Never in Doubt Moment

With 1:27 remaining, Mitch Leidner ran for a one yard touchdown run to put the Gophers up for good 30-23.

Individual Highlights

Minnesota had multiple miscues, far too many penalties, and three targeting ejections. One of them was even legitimate! It’s week one, but sloppy and dangerous play needs to be cleaned up fast.

Tai’yon Devers had a fantastic debut that was cut short by poor officiating. Nonetheless, he deserves the game ball for two forced fumbles. He was consistently in the backfield and brought welcome pressure.

Damarius Travis returned for the first time in a year and had a solid game as the starting safety.