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Ray Buford & KiAnte Hardin suspended for violation of team rules

Yay depth.

NCAA Football: Ohio at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Postgame Update, 3pm: Looks like it was actually 4 Gophers did something that got them in trouble.


Pro tip: Don’t do things that get you suspended. Via Joe C:

Gophers cornerbacks KiAnte Hardin and Ray Buford have been suspended for a violation fo team rules, so sophomore Antonio Shenault will start at cornerback Saturday against Indiana State.

We don’t have any more details than that and we probably won’t. Big thing is that Minnesota’s secondary and punt return depth is down again. It shouldn’t matter, but we’ll have to wait another week to see the team at (closer) to full strength.

(NOTE: Had issues embedding link above. Here’s the link to Joe’s blog: