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Minnesota Football sets records for points and total offense in win over Indiana State

This is what you’re supposed to do to 1-AA teams.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Minnesota Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota had a great offensive game on Saturday. How great? Record setting great. In their 58-28 victory over Indiana State the Gophers racked up 593 total yards. How does that production rank in the history of TCF Bank Stadium? It’s the best ever.

  • 58 points is the largest number of points scored by Minnesota at TCF Bank Stadium
  • 593 total yards is the largest number of yards gained by Minnesota at TCF Bank Stadium

Indiana State is not good. But they are certainly not the first overmatched or less talented team Minnesota has faced since TCF Bank Stadium in 2009. And the Gophers dominated them offensively in record breaking fashion.

How does today’s performance rank all time for the Gophers? For points scored is the 7th most single game points total since 1946 and the 6th most total offensive yards in program history (both stats via the 2015 Minnesota Media Guide).

Enjoy it Gopher fans! It’s going to get harder from here on out (unless Colorado State is even worse than we expect), but I’m looking forward to see what the Gophers can do.