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Strolling Through Twitterland: Indiana State vs. Minnesota

Death To Risk Averse Football

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Three false start penalties on the opening drive, four dropped passes, three kickoffs kicked out of bounds and they gave up 28 points to an FCS team. This is completely unaccaeptable! I mean, how are they suppose to win a game with this type of performance? I’m just playin’, that game was a lot of fun.

Ok, yes, the penalties were unacceptable, the four dropped passes need to be caught and you can’t kick three kickoffs out of bounds. These issues need to be addressed before B1G play begins. You can get away with these mistakes against Indiana State but a team like Iowa will punish you for these types of mistakes.

Enough with the negatives though, this game was too much fun to dwell on the negatives. Seriously, how much fun was it having a game be essentially over by halftime? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that around these parts. The entire industry knows a B1G team should put away an FCS team like the Gophers did yesterday.

The past few years, for whatever reason, the staff made the decision to play these types of games close to the vest. This risk averse style of football was cause for a lot of angst and frustration among the fan base. We all wanted to see a game like yesterday where the team put the pedal down and ran away with the game. September 10th, 2016 will go down as the day Minnesota's Death To Risk Averse Football transpired and I for one am beyond thankful for this deveolpment.

Last week I was critical of Jay Johnson's offensive game plan. It was a game plan taken right out of Matt Limegrover's playbook, especially the opening two drives where they squandered great field position. Well Coach Johnson, you get a gameball. You could have played the Indiana State game close to the vest as well and it would have been understandable. However, you took the reigns off of Mitch Leidner and let him pick apart an overmatched opponent. This will also help Mitch and the offense down the road as it proves to the team they can move the ball through the air. The part that truly has me giddy is the fact I know there is even more to come.

Here are my thoughts and observations from the game:

Mitch Leidner: The #BlameLeidner crowd cannot and better not say anything this week. You played a great game, made smart decisions and had one of your best passing games in a Gophers uniform.

Kobe McCrary: All camp we heard how you were turning heads and to not be surprised if you force your way onto the field. Well, that was quite the coming out party you had. On your long touchdown run, you showed vision, speed and great cutting ability. It was a fun run to watch. If you can keep that up, this backfield is going to be rather enjoyable to watch.

Defense: Take away the fluky tipped pass and the Indiana State offense did absolutley nothing in the first half. You let up in the second half, which was a little disappoointing, but it was also understadable. That said, a lot of younger players got in and got valuable game experience.

Kickoffs: Um, yeah...

Suspensions: The fact the police are investigating whatever transpired is not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.

58 Points: Let that sink in for a moment...

Onto the Stroll:

The main hashtags for this weeks are:






I fully endorse getting them hooked early.

It was a perfect day for football.

This was fun to see.

Welcome South African friends. Hope you enjoyed your first experience at The Bank.

I could work for BTN. See above.

Goldy got quite the workout in.


I repeat, 58 points...

That concludes this weeks Stroll Through Twitterland. What was your favorite part of the game? Do the penalties concern you? Were you hapy to see Jay Johnsonn open the playbook or would you have rather they played it close to the vest?


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