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Support Mike and Emily Sherels via GoFundMe


Sherels Family GoFundMe

As most of you know, Gophers linebackers coach (and former Gopher linebacker) Mike Sherels was hospitalized during preseason camp with a series of unexpected surgeries. No one outside of the Sherels family and the Gopher football program truly understood how dire his situation was until last week, when Sherels sat down with the Star Tribune’s Chips Scoggins and told his story. You can read that here.

Sherels has a long road ahead of him. The full scope of his recovery is compounded by the fact that his wife Emily Sherels is pregnant and expecting twins in March, in addition to the two children that the couple already have.

With Sherels receiving care from the Mayo Clinic, which is out-of-network for their insurance, and in need of nutrition, supplies, and medical adaptations to their home, bills are undoubtedly piling up. Not to mention the cost of expenses for weekly hospital and lab visits, and care for their children.

To alleviate some of the financial burden, a Sherels family friend has a set up a GoFundMe page for people to support Mike, Emily, and their growing family.

If you are willing and able to contribute, visit their GoFundMe page and donate. As the page mentions, the Sherels family would also be more than happy to accept support in the form of a helpful skill or trade, in lieu of a monetary donation.

Do not feel obligated to donate. This is simply for anyone interested in helping out a member of the Gopher family.