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Minnesota Football: Helmet Sticker History #TBT

Did you know that the Gophers have twice tried the helmet sticker thing? Spoiler alert, it didn’t last.


If you were on the world wide web yesterday you may have noticed the Gophers unveiled their new helmet stickers. I’m not sure what you think but it certainly doesn’t seem like a game changer to me. Then I remembered that the U of M Football program has tried this before (and abandoned this before). Here is a quick recap of those times.

1977-1979 The Gophers used stars (stars?). They were awarded for merit. I couldn’t find any other mention.

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The stars were around for Cal Stoll last two years a 7-5 season in 1977, in 1978 they went 5-6. Joe Salem kept them around for his first season a 4-6-1 year.

In Jim Wacker’s first season, a 2-9 affair, the U of M trotted out these football decals. These were awarded to players for "big plays" or reaching certain positional goals.

Antonio Carter’s 1992 Gopher Helmet

It seems pretty obvious to me that Gopher stickers were the attempts of desperate men. It seems kind of sad what that means for Big Trace, but if you hate these current stickers it’s good news because they probably won’t be around for very long.