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Big Ten Power Poll—Week 2

Where we shame Northwestern and see if Ohio State can avoid a damaging loss

NCAA Football: Illinois State at Northwestern
Sad Pat
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After the second week of college football, there really wasn’t a ton of movement since the games were so poor and lopsided. Except for you Northwestern. Shame. After the second week here is how I rank the fourteen Big Ten teams by both division and overall.

Big Ten East

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes (LW #1)

The Buckeyes enjoyed an extra long halftime due to storms, but had no issue dispatching Tulsa to keep the top spot. They really will either solidify this spot or deservedly drop depending on how they do this weekend down in Norman against a wounded Oklahoma team looking to pull the upset to get back in playoff discussion

#2 Michigan Wolverines (LW#2)

Well UCF put up a bit more fight that Hawaii did. Colorado this week might even be a little bit tougher task, but Kordell Stewart and Micheal Westbrook aren’t walking through that door.

#3 Michigan State Spartans (LW #3)

MSU had a bye last week...but were not threatened by any team below them for their spot. Huge game this weekend with Touchdown Jesus.

#4 Indiana Hoosiers(LW #5)

Yes I know it was Ball State and Florida International, but it appears Indiana might actually have a defense? What do we give them, 3 4 more weeks before it all falls down?.

#5 Penn State Nittany Lions (LW #4)

So...its Saquon Barkley or bust huh? Note to teams playing Penn State—-stop the freaking run. Temple comes to town to try and see if they can move their winning streak to two over PSU.

#6 Maryland Terrapins (LW #6)

Beating up on Florida International is something you need to do, but doesn’t really gain you any points. UCF might be a tougher task this week—but at least we get the Dredrick Snelson vs the Daniels Twins Bowl...

#7 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW #7)

For about a quarter it looked like Rutgers might somehow lose to Howard. Then they figured out that yes, we are allowed to tackle in this game. New Mexico comes to Jersey this week in another game that should be a snoozer, but might not be.

Big Ten West

#1 Iowa Hawkeyes (LW #1)

¡El Assico! was an asskicko. Iowa State got just wiped off the map. Iowa looks good. That’s why its going to just be so much fun to swim in all the schadenfreude when they lose at home to NDSU Saturday. (They probably won’t...but if they do...)

#2 Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW #2)

The Huskers easily took care of the fighting Craig Bohls from Wyoming. This week they welcome Oregon and one of their 50 uniforms to Lincoln. Guessing they won;t be #2 after this week.

#3 Wisconsin Badgers (LW #3)

Wisconsin is enjoying the cupcake portion of their schedule before the pain and suffering starts. Akron got unzipped last week (see what I did there). This week Georgia State gets paid a lot of $$ to get destroyed.

#4 Minnesota Gophers (LW#4)

Yay! We beat up on a FCS Team! Yay!!! Hopefully we can enjoy bye week without any other potentially season altering incidents.

#5 Illinois Fighting Illini (LW # 5)

Geesh...still #5 here by default. North Carolina came into Chambana and showed Lovie Smith what decent teams really think of Wes Lunt. This week the boat comes rowing into town, and Illinois looks for bragging rights over their rivals to the north if they can actually beat Western Michigan.

#6 Purdue Boilermakers (LW #6)

How bad does it need to be below you when you get crushed by a marginal Cincy team at home and actually move UP a spot... Enjoy your bye week trying to figure out the most interesting way to fire Hazell.

#7 Northwestern Wildcats (LW #6)

Really? Really? Illinois State Wildcats? Well at least we really know who is Chicago’s Big Ten Team.

This week its the nerd bowl when Duke comes to town to make Northwestern 0-3.

My Rank 1-14

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (LW #1)
  2. Michigan Wolverines (LW #2)
  3. Iowa Hawkeyes (LW #3)
  4. Michigan State Spartans (LW #4)
  5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW #5)
  6. Wisconsin Badgers (LW #6)
  7. Minnesota Gophers (LW #7)
  8. Indiana Hoosiers (LW #9)
  9. Penn State Nittany Lions (LW #8)
  10. Illinois Fighting Illini (LW #10)
  11. Maryland Terrapins (LW #11)
  12. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW # 14)
  13. Purdue Boilermakers (LW #13)
  14. Northwestern Wildcats (LW #12)