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College Football Week 3 Recap & Review: Your bye week Good, Bad, & Ugly

Non-Minnesota thoughts about the weekend that was.

North Dakota State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The bye week has come and gone. Thank goodness that’s over with! I’m sure there will come a time later this season when the Gophers are dinged up that I’ll wish for another bye week, but as of now I’m just ready to get back to Minnesota football things instead of being forced to write Iowa related previews so that the gnomes have something to do.

We’ll get to Iowa in a bit. Before we do, let’s talk about some of the other things that caught my eye on Saturday. I’ll keep things quick for the B1G since there are gnomes still to come.

The Good

Ohio State: The Buckeyes seem to have taken offense to comments made by Oklahoma’s backup QB last week. The narrative of the week for Ohio State will be “LOOK AT HOW GOOD THEY ARE DESPITE BEING SO YOUNG EVERYONE ELSE IN THE BIG TEN IS DOOOOOOOOOOMED.” Also, this happened:

That’s ok I guess.

Louisville: I was out doing fun things with friends during this game, but I assume this image was getting used quite a bit during the Cards’ 63-20 beatdown of former #2 ranked Florida State:

This is was the 2nd worst loss a #2 ranked team had ever suffered. Also it was the 2nd worst loss in FSU history (and was tied for the worst until FSU hit a meaningless FG in the closing seconds). This was also the first time FSU ever let someone hang over 60 on them. The Noles deserve to be in the Ugly category, but I don’t care about them enough to go there.

The Bad

Illinois when they run the ball: Illinois...your rushing attack...woof!

Lovie Smith is totally the answer.

Wisconsin: UW bad is a true-ism that applies to all things, but especially to games where they almost lose to terrible teams like Georgia State. Corey Clement is kind of important to the hopes and dreams in Madison this season.

The Ugly

ALL IOWA EVERYTHING: This one is going to be extra short, B/C GNOMES. But let me just say how wonderful and perfect this moment is from a schadenfreude perspective. If you were tired of hearing about losing to NDSU from Iowa fans this game cured your ills. If you were hoping to see the huge contract (and buyout) extension of Kirk pay off in Iowa fan angst this game had you covered. Yes, I know some of you are annoyed that your Bison loving neighbors, co-workers, and family members will never shut up about how B1G NDSU supposedly is, but I have to say it’s a small price to pay to bath in frustrated Hawkeye tears. Especially since those people would have been saying the same things anyway (Bison fans are nothing if not consistently wanker-ish about their favorite team).

Poll voters: It’s time to admit you screwed up AP and Coaches Poll voters. Wisconsin was overranked following the LSU win because the Tigers were overranked and you can’t admit failure in your prognostications. Wisconsin only dropping two spots in the AP and MOVING UP 2 SPOTS in the Coaches Poll after almost losing to a really terrible Georgia State team is absurd. You are bad and you should feel bad.

What did you love and hate this weekend?