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Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz on the Morning After a Gopher Win

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

How about a few links from around the world as the Gophers came away with a win in their season opener.

I'll start with our own recaps.

And on to recaps from everywhere else...

  • Gopher Sports Recap
  • Oregon Live looks at the Beavers and how they aren't ready to be a team that finds a way to win on the road.
  • Our friends at Building the Damn recapped the game.
  • ESPN Recap. "If the Gophers are truly going to contend in the wide-open Big Ten West, they will have to be much more disciplined and precise going forward. They had eight penalties for 70 yards. Center Tyler Moore snapped the ball over Leidner's head twice, one resulting in a safety, and Leidner missed several open receivers down the field, an underwhelming performance all around."


Gopher Sports highlights of the game...

Coach Claeys post game press conference...

And I'll leave you with this...