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Minnesota Football: Enjoy the 1999 Penn State upset through the words of Derek Burns

It’s time to reread Derek Burns’ fantastic retelling of one of the biggest wins in Gopher Football history.

Last fall we were honored when former Gopher offensive lineman Derek Burns reached out to us to share his complete recollection of Minnesota's upset of #2 ranked Penn State in 1999. His behind the scenes account was an amazing read, and truly one of the best things we’ve had the opportunity to feature at TDG.

We knew when we published it last fall that it might be overlooked in the middle of a down season. After all, Penn State wasn’t on the schedule and we were missing the most natural tie in to Derek’s post. Ultimately we agreed that this should be published anyway, as Derek's writing deserved to be enjoyed by all Gopher fans without extended delay

Before we link to his fine work, you should absolutely follow Derek on Twitter (@Derek_S_Burns). Derek continues to break down key plays from every Minnesota game on a regular basis and his feed is a must read if you want to better understand what is going on with Gopher football.

Now that you’ve followed Derek, please enjoy reading his excellent post. Whether it’s your first time or your 10th, we know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

"Gimme A Bullet" - An Inside Look at the Gophers 1999 Upset of #2 Penn State