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Big Ten Power Poll—Week 4

Sparty No!!!

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Michigan State
Oh Sparty....oh
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After the fourth week of college football, we have some moving after a few teams may have shown their true colors. After the fourth week here is how I rank the fourteen Big Ten teams by both division and overall.

Big Ten East

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes (LW #1)

Yawn. Bye week and nothing new. Something tells me Rutgers won’t knock them off this spot next week.

#2 Michigan Wolverines (LW#3)

We don’t know truly how good Penn State is yet, but we know Michigan is quite good. 49-10. Ouch. The Badgers come to the Big House Saturday and this is one week we are all hoping for a win for the Fighting Harbaughs.

#3 Michigan State Spartans (LW #2)

Sparty No. No..just no. That was ugly with a capital U. Hopefully Wisconsin isn’t that good, and you just crapped the bed hard. The Spartans head down to Indiana in a game that might be closer than I thought a week ago.

#4 Indiana Hoosiers (LW #4)

Indiana finally lost a game that arguably should have won, but Wake Forest is 4-0, so maybe the loss won’t look so bad later. A huge game for Indiana Saturday with Michigan State coming to town.

#5 Penn State Nittany Lions (LW #5)

Penn State stays at #5 even getting killed by Michigan because I just don’t accept Maryland is that good. Hopefully Minnesota can prove me wrong and send the Lions dropping next week.

#6 Maryland Terrapins (LW #6)

A bye. Purdue comes to town, so I guess we will see just where the Terps really are.

#7 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW #7)

Well, you almost beat Iowa. But in the end you failed so on the bottom you stay. Oh...and your punishment is going to the Shoe this weekend. Ouch.

Big Ten West

#1 Wisconsin Badgers (LW #2)

A big win over Michigan State gets them the leap over Northwestern. It may be a few more weeks before we really see how good the Badgers are. The insane schedule string continues with a trip to Michigan.

#2 Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW #1)

Nebraska beat Northwestern in a game that was a lot more tame then their recent machups would have suggested. Illinois comes to Lincoln this week in what should be a safe win for Nebraska.

#3 Iowa Hawkeyes (LW #3)

A squeaker of a win at Rutgers. Not very encouraging. Northwestern should be a bit of a test after all on Saturday.

#4 Minnesota Gophers (LW#4)

A win over Colorado State, but not a blowout. The Gophers still seem in the middle of the pack, but a nice win against Penn State could give ammo to move up this week.

#5 Northwestern Wildcats (LW # 5)

Northwestern played Nebraska tough. Just not tough enough. Go into Iowa this weekend and win and its all good Pat.

#6 Purdue Boilermakers (LW #6)

A win over Nevada, but it was a lot closer then it should have been. Now they start big ten play at Maryland and we can really see where the Boilers are at.

#7 Illinois Fighting Illini (LW #5)

Bye week before a trip to Lincoln. Thinking they will get familiar with the bottom.

My Rank 1-14

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (LW #1)
  2. Michigan Wolverines (LW #3)
  3. Wisconsin Badgers (LW #5)
  4. Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW #4)
  5. Michigan State Spartans (LW #2)
  6. Iowa Hawkeyes (LW #6)
  7. Minnesota Gophers (LW #7)
  8. Indiana Hoosiers (LW #8)
  9. Penn State Nittany Lions (LW #9)
  10. Maryland Terrapins (LW #10)
  11. Northwestern Wildcats (LW #11)
  12. Purdue Boilermakers (LW # 13)
  13. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW #12)
  14. Illinois Fighting Illini (LW #14)