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Minnesota terminates J Robinson, Brandon Eggum named interim wrestling head coach

J Robinson’s 30 year tenure at Minnesota is over

J Robinson

Updates can be found at the bottom of the post.

Per a University press release, J Robinson has been terminated by Minnesota:

The University of Minnesota has terminated head wrestling coach J Robinson, effectively immediately. Acting head coach Brandon Eggum will assume the position of interim head coach for this coming season.

Athletics director Mark Coyle will be available at a brief press conference today at 4:30 to discuss this decision. That press conference will take place in the Sports Pavilion media room.

When I read terminated I assume I’m reading that someone was fired for cause, but we really don’t have all the details yet. The 4:30 CT press conference will give us more information. Stay tuned for updates and reaction.


4:30pm - Here’s a copy of the termination letter via Lindsay Guentzel (noting it’s for cause and laying out the reasoning):

6:30 - Robinson’s response to the U regarding the investigation they undertook via Doogie:

Notably absent in Robinson’s response is any contention about his accepting and disposing of at least some of the drugs that were being sold. His general point is that he followed (or attempted to follow, I’m unfamiliar with the applicable policies in detail) the U’s written policies and that Minnesota’s report inaccurately says he doesn’t.