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J Robinson Had To Be Terminated. J Robinson deserves a statue.

No snarky comment here. J could kill me without tussling his hair.

J Robinson, the man who drug Minnesota Golden Gopher wrestling to a place among the elite in the sport through force of will, was terminated yesterday. It had to be done. 3 National Titles, 6 Dual Meet National Titles, 6 Big Ten Championships, 440 career dual meet wins, a Dan Hodge Trophy winner, and BROCK LESNAR all came through the program under his watch. To get his men in position to earn these things, he put them through hell, but J would be right there with them every step of the way. He’s had more fake knees than most retirement communities, but that didn’t stop him. I’ve heard multiple stories about J returning to practice and/or matches well before he should have because he cared too much. And that’s what led to his downfall: caring and force of will. I guarantee that J believed that he would be able to do much more for the young men struggling with Xanax if they were still in the program than if they were kicked out of school or weren’t under his watchful eye. J Robinson is so old-school that he’s the school they burned down to build the old school. And I still believe that any punishment he did or would have given out would have been far worse than anything anyone else could dole out. But there wouldn’t be any further issues with Xanax for anyone around Gopher wrestling right now. J’s principles led him to believe that he could help these young men, and J’s principles led him to being fired.

There will not be many more men like J that lead college athletes because we don’t make them like J anymore. And that, much like the whole situation leading to his termination, is a good and a bad thing.