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Wake Forest hires Jay Sawvel as defensive coordinator

The former Minnesota DC is moving to the ACC.


The “Jay Sawvel to Wake Forest” talk is now officially confirmed.

The former Minnesota defensive coordinator takes over a unit that wasn’t too bad last season according to the key advanced stats.

Jay was a Minnesota fan favorite during his time here, as Gophers fans starved for a defense appreciated the work he did turning less heralded defensive back recruits into NFL draft picks.

He was also a fun follow on Twitter, leading to the time Tom Dienhart made a fool of himself and Sawvel started dropping cold blooded subtweets (he deleted the coldest ones but you can find the text of them at the link).

He, much like Ustreet (ex #1, ex #2), also knew the value of Antonio Thompson and was not afraid to keep up the bit.

I for one enjoyed covering Jay while he was at Minnesota and wish him the best of luck at Wake!