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Let’s make #FleckFriday a thing

Because why not?

Happy Fleck Friday everyone!

Confused reader: "What the heck is Fleck Friday?"

Coach Fleck is known for wearing a dress shirt and tie underneath a team jacket or windbreaker. Often, this is combined with an enthusiastic thumbs up. (He is also known for wearing really sweet socks, but that’s not part of the #FleckFriday thing).

Some examples:

"What does Coach Fleck’s love of sweet jackets, nice ties, and Roger Ebert impersonations have to do with Friday?"

It’s all about alliteration and having fun. Last week the @GopherSports staff in charge of the @MinnesotaFootball account were on point on fleek. They decided to combine the classic Fleck visage with the best of the workweek to create #FleckFriday. The goal? To get people dressing up like Fleck, because why the heck not?

"People are doing this?"

You betcha. To wit:

We at TDG are proud to support this ELITE endeavor.

"How do I participate in #FleckFriday?"

It’s easy! All you need are the following:

Wear the shirt, tie, and jacket/pullover/windbreaker with a smile on your face and a thumbs up for the world and you’re all set. You get extra credit if you wear Fleck worthy happy socks.

Seriously folks. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Join the elite #FleckFriday movement now.