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Minnesota Football Recruiting: National Signing Day 2017 Primer

What to expect on the busiest fax machine day of the year.

National Signing Day is almost here!

Otherwise known as "National Fax Machines Still Matter Day", this is a critical day for any school. For the Minnesota Golden Gophers, it’s the first opportunity new head coach P.J. Fleck has to make his mark on the program.

While NSD at Minnesota tends to be a little more tame than at some other schools, there is still plenty going on to keep Gophers fans excited.

  • The day should kick off early, with the first faxes expected to start rolling in at 6am CT. With luck the faxes will be done by 8 or 9am, but there are no guarantees.
  • Minnesota’s class currently sits at 27 recruits, with 3 already enrolled.
  • While there doesn’t appear to be a lot of smoke about Minnesota making any surprise signings, we will want to keep our eyes out for a couple of late defections due to flipped commitments or academic issues.

No matter what happens, we’ll keep you up to date on everything that is going on. First thing tomorrow we’ll launch a NSD 2017 Headquarters thread, which will have a constantly updated Big Board of official signings. It will also serve as your Open Thread to talk about everything National Signing Day. We’ll also post Commitment Capsules for everyone who signs (and will link to them in the Big Board). We’re looking forward to hanging out with everyone for NSD tomorrow!

Ski-U-Mah & Row The Boat!