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PJ Fleck: Video of his first press conference

HIGH ENERGY is an understatement, but Coach Fleck is an exciting and entertaining guy to listen to.

Ski-U-Mah my friends! Coach Fleck’s first press conference is in the books and all I can say was WOW. I know we’ve already noted how Fleck is not Tim Brewster, but that doesn’t just apply to his coaching background/acumen. It applies to his speaking style and ability to motivate as well.

Fleck is high energy and passionate, but his manner and style is such that you FEEL what he’s saying. You don’t just get excited because you like the words. You get excited because he creates that feeling within you. Whatever else happens, the man certainly won the press conference.

Haven’t had a chance to watch yet? The video is embedded below. If we are able to locate a copy that includes the Q&A session after his opening remarks we’ll add it as many of his answers during that session were quite revealing and enjoyable to hear.

UPDATE 1/7 6:50 PM: Updated the video below to be the full press conference including the questions. If you’ve only see the opening statement you should definitely take the time to watch Coach Fleck answer the questions!