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Minnesota Football’s depth chart for Michigan State

It’s not pretty.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Minnesota depth chart day for Michigan State week, which is very much NOT exciting due to the injury news we all got yesterday. Seriously friends, take a look.

(Click here for a full size image on mobile)

Quick thoughts

  • Welcome to the two deep Blaise Andries
  • Jared Wyler is probably back!
  • The QB depth chart is perhaps more muddled than it may seem
  • This depth chart does not seem to take into account the injury information we got yesterday based on Philip Howard and Antoine Winfield Jr‘s placements in the two deep.
  • Coney Durr is starting. That is significantly less than ideal since he’s still recovering from his ACL tear.
  • We’re gonna get through this y’all. For real.