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Minnesota Football podcast - Michigan State week edition

Also, the importance of not being Todd.

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Welcome back to the Ski-U-Pahdcast! I was joined this week by gopherguy05 and UStreet and in true TDG style we have tried to balance this week’s frustrations with some quality irreverance including the moment we learn Street is a bloody monarchist and this other good stuff:

  • Breaking down the opening of the season for men’s & women’s hockey
  • “What Should We Be Drinking” gets sad in the shower
  • We quickly talk Purdue, including the fact that UStreet has a lot of problems with some of you people, and you're gonna hear about it!
  • Michigan State, the game we’d be excited for if the roster wasn’t so depleted
  • Is the USMNT failing to qualify for the World Cup worse than anything that Minnesota has ever done?
  • The Fleck “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck” controversy
  • The importance of not being Todd

As always, please let us know how we’re doing in the comments. And if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to the Pahd on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, TuneIn!

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