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Minnesota vs. Michigan State podcast: Hooray for good feelings!

Also, why do so many of you suck at the zipper merge?

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This whole “make a podcast within 24 hours of a game” thing works a lot better when the guy doing the editing (cough GoAUpher cough) doesn’t get sick soon after recording on Sunday. We suck, we’re sorry, changing our best, etc. Apologies aside, we think you’ll like it so forgive us and give it a listen.

Here’s what you’ll get when you crack open our postgame thoughts for Minnesota vs. Michigan State:

  • What has GoAUpher done to offend the weather gods?
  • UStreet sucks at the zipper merge and he’s not alone
  • GoAUpher was feeling pretty ok and then the 4th quarter made things even better
  • UStreet breaks down the history of “garbage overthrow” as a technical term
  • Why 4th quarter Demry Croft would win Minnesota some football games
  • The importance of position coaches
  • Setting fire to multiple STUPID NARRATIVES

(Reading via Apple News? Go here to listen!)