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Minnesota Gophers: Homecoming History #TBT

Since 1914, homecoming at the U of M has had some great moments.

Students raising a big gopher statue in 1947 for Homecoming.
Homecoming ticket from 1968

If you’re curious about the 1914 Homecoming, read my bit from last year The First Homecoming. Today’s post is more of a mix bag of historic photos and fun tidbits (did you know Minnesota has scheduled Ohio State 4 times on Homecoming, and never won once?). The U of M has come up with a really good timeline for the history of Homecoming, filled with fun facts like this one: from 1918-1920 homecoming was put on hold because of rationing during WWI.

Frat decorations for Homecoming in 1976.

Illinois, is the fifth most common Homecoming opponent. Five teams make up more than 60% of the 103 years of Homecoming games. Northwestern (18), Iowa (13), Michigan (13), Purdue (10) and Illinois (9) round out the most frequently played opponents. Getting back to the Illini, Minnesota holds a Homecoming record of 5-4-1, with the following results:


Illinois 10

Minnesota 6


Illinois 20

Minnesota 8


Minnesota 21

Illinois 10


Minnesota 17

Illinois 0


Illinois 14

Minnesota 0


Minnesota 17

Illinois 0


Minnesota 29

Illinois 14


Minnesota 17

Illinois 17


Minnesota 45

Illinois 0


Illinois 44

Minnesota 17

Homecoming pin 1968

While Minnesota beat Illinois in 1964 with a ‘Silence Illi-Noise’ theme. Everyone got involved, including Daytons! Dayton's 8th Floor promoted Homecoming with a fashion show. If you don’t remember Dayton’s or know what the 8th floor is then you’re a cool age. But by 1968 when the Illni again traveled to Dinkytown for Homecoming the parade had to be cancelled because of the Vietnam War protests. The Homecoming parade, which in 1942 had been billed as the world's longest parade, didn’t resume until 1977.