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Minnesota Football beat Illinois podcast: Play our happy music!

Winning makes us want to talk about positive things!

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Winning cures all ills. Yesterday’s Homecoming win had UStreet and I in an excellent mood. Illinois was really bad you say? Don’t care, happy. There were still things to grumble about? Don’t care, happy.

Ok, we do talk about some of the less happy stuff too. But ultimately Minnesota grabbed their first Big Ten win and Street and I were dancing in our seats. Here’s what you’ll get when you crack open our postgame thoughts for Minnesota vs. Illinois:

  • Happy thoughts to happy music
  • Nektons of the week
  • Let’s talk about the quarterback play...issues
  • Coaching, execution, and NUCLEAR SUNSHINE THOUGHTS from UStreet
  • Does Lovie Smith understand how to use timeouts?
  • Our favorite Goldy Gopher Halloween costumes
  • A truly :fire: music playlist from Prince

(Reading via Apple News? Go here to listen!)