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Goldy Gopher Halloween costumes power ranking

Halloween (and Winter) is coming, and Goldy is ready with another set of great costumes.

One of my favorite things about college football season is when the creative folks behind Goldy the Gopher come up with new costumes for Goldy to wear during the “Halloween Game” each season (the last home game before Halloween each year). I’m always impressed by what Goldy breaks out and this year’s batch is no exception.

Without further delay, here is the definitive Goldy Gopher Halloween Costumes Power Ranking from the Minnesota vs. Illinois Homecoming game:

#8 - Tron Goldy

This is a good idea and I think it’s well executed, but Tron Goldy suffers from A) the fact that it wasn’t a night game (when this could have looked extra :FIRE:) and B) the fact that Tron isn’t as exciting to people as Game of Thrones is.

#7 - Grease Goldy

The design on the hair really sells this costume. The key to a good costume is for people to understand who you are right away IMO. Unless you’re going for the “I’m too cool to wear something people know and I’m better than you because I get the obscure reference” look and Goldy is not a jerk like that.

#6 - Robin Hood Goldy

I could see Robin Hood and Grease Goldy’s swapping places, but the execution of the hat plus the costume and Nerf bow won me over.

#5 - Flash Goldy

I’m not a DC comic movie guy, but Goldy killed this iconic look. Plus, FOX 9 made the best use of SLOMO IPHONE VIDEO for this costume.

#4 - Master Chief Goldy

This costume is a reference to the main character of the Halo video game franchise. Why so high for a costume that hides Goldy’s face?

  1. Respect for all the work that went into the costume
  2. It’s executed extremely well

#3 - Pharoh Goldy

I think people are going to disagree with the placement on this one and I almost made Pharoh Goldy my #4 pick because I’m so here for the ears on the Master Chief helmet. But I couldn’t do it thanks to Goldy’s Walk Like An Egyptian dance.

#2 - Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog Goldy


They did this. They actually made Goldy into an “augmented-reality hot-dog filter” from Snapchat. I know some of you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about here but trust me when I tell you that going this route is amazing and deserves to be #1 on the list.

Especially when Goldy takes it to a new level and spins his head while acting out the dancing hot dog.

But I can’t make it number one. I just can’t. Why?

#1 - Night King Goldy


This costume has everything.

  • Timely pop culture reference
  • Well executed design
  • Band participation
  • Created great TDG Twitter reply options

How would you rank Goldy’s costumes?