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Minnesota Football: Big Ten Football Power Rankings—Week 8

This is the week everyone has been waiting for

Iowa v Northwestern
I! O! A! W!
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Well...the big showdown is finally here. This is the week everyone around the conference has been waiting for. The game has got the coveted 2:30 kick off time, and it should be a doozy. That’s right, Indiana at Maryland is the game you can not miss this week. I guess there is some game going on in Columbus too or something...

As a reminder I rank the teams both 1-7 in their respective divisions, and then 1-14 overall in the Big Ten.

Here are my Week 7 Big Ten Football Power Rankings;

Big Ten East:

1. Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State had no trouble with the Wolverines in the White out last Saturday and now are basically playing for their season in Columbus on Saturday. A win and the chances of a Playoff berth looks really really good, even with an ooops down the line. A loss and the Buckeyes suddenly look to be in that drivers seat.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

Meanwhile the Buckeyes come off a bye into the game that will either keep their College Football Playoff chances alive or pretty much relegate them to the Cotton or Peach Bowls....

3. Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State is that team that wins a lot of games, but makes it look really ugly winning them all. Another ugly win over Indiana last weekend get them to 6-1, but you kind of The Spartans will head to Northwestern on Saturday for what will probably be another ugly win.

4. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan tried to put up a fight against Penn State last weekend, but its fairly obvious this is not the talented team the Wolverines have had in the past. Harbaugh can not be happy with his team but its going to take a hell of a lot to screw up playing Rutgers at home. Looking at you Purdue.

5. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Well that was....something. Ritgers has 2 Big Ten Wins. Somehow. No really

Can they shock the Wolverines in the Big House. Please...lets not be silly.

6. Maryland Terrapins

Wisconsin did what Wisconsin does and Maryland did what it does too. With Indiana coming to town this week its your chance to make sure you don’t fight Rutgers for the bottom.

7. Indiana Hoosiers

Do I think you really are the worst team in the Big Ten East? Nope...but a 0-4 conference record gets you the cellar for now. A win over Maryland will bounce you back up in a hurry.

Big Ten West

1. Wisconsin Badgers

The Badgers will be undefeated until the Big Ten Title game boys and girls. Just get used to that now and get your crying supplies ready. A trip to Illinois means Wisconsin literally might run for 500 yards.

2. Northwestern Wildcats

Man this is sad.....But defeating what appears to be a bad Iowa team in overtime apparently gets you this spot this season. Can they spoil the Spartans bounce back Big Ten season?

3. Iowa Hawkeyes

You can’t lose that game to just can’t. Hopefully Iowa has another stinker in the bag this week.

4. Purdue Boilermakers

YOU LOST AT HOME TO RUTGERS. How the hell I don’t drop you all the way to the bottom I have no idea. Oh wait...yes I do. The rest of the teams suck too. Nebraska comes to town this weekend in what could be Mike Riley’s last stand.

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers

A bye week after two crushing losses may have righted the ship? Guess we find out this Saturday night in West Lafayette.

6. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota got a very needed win. it was incredibly ugly, but it guarantees they don’t see dead last. Please pull an upset out of your ass this Saturday...

7. Illinois Fighting Illini Just... yeah. I hope you have a good therapist. Try not to let Wisconsin put 70 up on you Saturday.

Big Ten Teams Ranked 1-14

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions (Previously #1)
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes (#2)
  3. Wisconsin Badgers (#3)
  4. Michigan State Spartans (#4)
  5. Michigan Wolverines (#5)
  6. Northwestern Wildcats (#8)
  7. Iowa Hawkeyes (#6)
  8. Purdue Boilermakers (#7)
  9. Nebraska Cornhuskers (#10)
  10. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (#13)
  11. Maryland Terrapins (#11)
  12. Minnesota Gophers (#12)
  13. Indiana Hoosiers (#9)
  14. Illinois Fighting Illini (#14)

As always, if you disagree, let me know in the comments.