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This week’s Minnesota Podcast gets ready for Purdue while under the influence of Nyquil

Also, if you’re going to watch Geostorm you should immediately rethink your life choices.

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Happy Ski-U-Pahdcast Wednesday! That’s right, despite 50% of the voice “talent” recording while drugged up on cold meds we managed to get this up on time. When life puts you down, knock back a little bit of the dandy eggnog called Nyquil and put your oar back in the water.

Here’s the goodness you have to look forward to this week:

  • UStreet doesn’t know how to read the drug interaction section of a cold medicine label
  • Our somber quick takes from the Maryland game
  • What impact will ALL OF THE EARLY INJURIES have on Minnesota against Purdue & moving forward?
  • Suspensions are a thing that we had to address too
  • NUCLEAR HOT TAKE OF THE WEEK addresses Fleck’s cryptic handling of injuries and suspensions
  • Previewing Purdue
  • Rachel breaks down Big Ten Volleyball
  • QUESTION TIME, including gazing deep into the eyes of Purdue QB Elijah Sindelar and lots of bad movie talk

As always, please share any suggestions you have for how to improve the Pahd in the comments!

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