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Gophers vs Purdue Football Program Comparison #TBT

Taking to Winspedia to see how these two Big Ten programs

Since 1894 only Iowa, Northwestern , Michigan and Wisconsin have played Minnesota more often than Purdue. The Gophers have 37 wins while the Boilermakers have won 32 with, 3 ties thrown into the 72 total matchups. But it’s more than just wins and losses right?

Here are a couple of things that stand out to me.

Sure Minnesota wins categories like National Championships 6 to Purdue’s 0, but all time win/loss record and conference championships are similar. Purdue having 12 more NFL draft picks is an interesting, if meaningless, stat. The Gophers only being in the AP Poll for 160 weeks is indicative of the poll beginning in 1936 halfway through Minnesota’s glory years.

Overall these two programs are shockingly similar. And I don’t know how to feel about that.