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Minnesota Football to honor Joe Tiller with a neat helmet sticker

Also some Gophers fans can overreact to literally anything.

The Minnesota Gophers are the first opponent Purdue faces since the death of legendary Boilermakers head coach Joe Tiller last weekend. Purdue has planned a number of remembrances for Tiller at the game on Saturday. The Gophers will also honor Tiller with a cool little helmet sticker that references his famous mustache:

A ‘Stache Sticker is a cool way to go and I’m glad to see Minnesota taking a moment to honor a coach who will always be a big part of Purdue and the Big Ten’s history.

In “water is wet” news...

However, I will never stop being shocked by the ability of Minnesota fans to be complete and utter idiots.

Yes, a dude actually put his name and face to this in public on the Minnesota Football Facebook page post about the sticker. If you’re that guy, please find a different blog to read because we’re worried your idiocy will infect us via osmosis through the interwebs.