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Minnesota Loses to Purdue 31-17

Minnesota v Purdue Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Minnesota lost to Purdue in West Lafayette 31-17. With the loss, the Gophers are now 0-2 in Big Ten play and 3-2 on the season.

Much like the Maryland game, Minnesota will rue missed opportunities as this game was there for the taking. Minnesota forced four turnovers in the first half, but only mustered 14 points to lead 14-6 at half. Both teams struggled on offense. Purdue struggled to not give the ball to the Gophers. Minnesota struggled to put the ball in the end zone after Purdue turned the ball over. Most costly was when Rhoda fumbled the ball on the Purdue ten yard line late in the first half to take points off the board. On the bright side, we will have a future punting gif in our future as Ryan Santoso had a Mortellian punt in the first half that stood up perfectly at the one yard line.

Beyond that, the Gophers had seven offensive drives in the first half and only converted on two of them. On both drives, the Gophers had explosive plays. First, Shannon Brooks took advantage of the first real open hole to run 40 yards to the Purdue one. Tyler Johnson would later cash in on an option route. On the second, Rodney Smith and Shannon Brooks both had long runs to get deep into Purdue territory. Rhoda then turned a beautiful fake handoff into points by finding Brandon Lingen wide open in the end zone.

Minnesota opened the second half with a three and out, liked it so much they did it again on the second series, and then punted for good measure on the third drive. Adekunle Ayninde missed an interception when a perfectly catchable ball slipped through his fingers. Purdue later kicked a field goal to take a 16-14 lead. At that point the game entered a weather delay.

Brief Weather Delay Interlude: Weather Delay Chili Recipe

This is a take on a chili recipe I found years ago by googling “chili recipe.” I make no claim to it.

Prepare your ingredients. You will need:

  1. 4 Peppers. As many different colors as possible.
  2. 2 cans Red Kidney beans. Let’s be real you can use black but red will show up less in a tomato based dish. Also anyone who says beans do not belong in chili the door is to your left.
  3. 1 onion. You can use more but if you really love the taste of onions then maybe a tomato based dish is not for you.
  4. Carrots. Just throw in a bunch of carrots. You’re making chili during a weather delay.
  5. Garlic. Be like Mario Batali and cut up some garlic while making some remarks on Italian cooking. That’s the appropriate amount of garlic.
  6. Diced Tomatos. Honestly, you can use canned tomatoes and no one will complain, but if you feel like dicing them make them rough.
  7. A meat of your choosing. After the spices come in it all tastes the same. Tofu is not a meat.
  8. Some kind of liquid. I use V8 vegetable juice because I’m lazy.
  9. A beverage of your juice, alcoholic or non alcoholic.
  10. Cumin, chili powder, pepper, celery seed, oregano.

Brown your meat in a pan with the garlic. Add to pot. Add vegetables. Add liquid. Add spices. Stir. Bring to boil. Drink your beverage of choice while it’s cooking. If there’s only a basic weather delay this will be “done” in 30 minutes, but it will be better if you can really simmer it for 45 minutes to an hour.

Back to the Game

Minnesota returned from the break and went on a 17 play drive that ended with an Emmit Carpenter field goal. The Gophers went for it twice on fourth down, and were most successful attacking the edges. Purdue then scored almost immediately. Minnesota had a chance late, but Conor Rhoda through a interception that Purdue returned for a touchdown.