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Minnesota vs. Purdue podcast - lamenting another loss

No the last staff would not automatically be better and why Purdue is a good place to visit.

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Good news: UStreet and I were super dedicated and recorded this edition of GTLF at 11pm ET on Saturday night.

Bad news: I forgot my laptop power cord and it died while I was editing the podcast and when I got home I was wiped out and slept instead of finishing.

Good news: We’re still happy with how this turned out and you should listen to it. Here’s what you’re getting in this breakdown of Minnesota‘s loss to Purdue:

  • Quick thoughts about the game
  • Nektons of the Week (shout out to the cool Purdue fans!)
  • Even if Claeys was 5-0 right now, we’d still be worse off
  • GoAUpher gives his “man in the field” report from Purdue
  • Relax friends, you’ll have more fun that way

(Reading via Apple News? Go here to listen!)