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Minnesota Football: Gophers Host Nebraska - OPEN THREAD

Cornhuskers come to town, both teams needing a win.

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska comes to town for an interesting game where both teams are struggling, needing a win and identify this game as an opportunity for one. Lets take a look.


  • Demry Croft and 50% - One more time for this “key.” I’d really like to see Demry get to that 50% and see what it does for the offense. 41% just isn’t going to cut it. He should be used to the speed of the game by now and needs that breakout game. Teams are going to wait till he beats someone with his arm before respecting it. Make it hap[pen.
  • The Ball is the Program - Take care of the ball and get some dang turnovers. Nebraska is -5 turnover margin on the year, lets bump that up a bit.
  • Secondary Needs to Show up in a Big Way - Nebraska is 3rd in the Big Ten in passing and 3rd to the last in rushing offense. You read that right. The Gopher secondary needs to show up and play well today. Tackling and run defense has been an issue lately, but I’m looking to the secondary to be the defensive catalyst today.


  • QB - Tanner Lee - 260 yards per game, 56% completion and 13 picks. He is a key guy to stop today.
  • LB - Chris Weber - dude can rebound and score in the paint...wrong Weber. This one leads the Skurs in tackling.


I have too many Nebraska friends and the conversation usually goes “you guys are going to kill us, we are terrible.” Followed by the other person saying, ‘um...have you seen my team?” Either fan can take up either side of that conversation. But what the hell, I’ll take the Gophers to get the ground game going today and pull out a win.

Minnesota - 31
Nebraska - 21