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Strolling Through Twitterland: Nebraska vs. Minnesota

Gophers reclaim The Chair

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Well that was fun wasn’t it? How is everyone feeling today? Better? A little less angry? Hopeful for the future? A week after giving up 360 yards rushing the Gophers said we can do better and topped that with over 400 yards rushing. They ran roughshod over Nebraska right from the opening whistle, winning back The Chair in definitive fashion. This was as thorough of a beatdown the Gophers have handed down since the 2014 Michigan game. Want to know the truly fun part of that game? This was still only a fraction of what this offense is going to look like once it gets humming.

I understand Nebraska isn’t all that good this season. Quite frankly, I don’t care! We finally saw this offense put the pedal to the metal and play with the efficiancy they have been so incredibly inconsistent with all season. The Huskers may be having a down season but that still doesn’t take away from the Gophers punching them in the mouth from the opening kickoff until the final merciful whistle. They took this game to Nebraska and Nebraska didn’t have an answer. Enjoy this victory. It was fun. It is worth celebrating!

Before I get into my quick-hitting thoughts, I want to take a moment to thank all of The Chair volunteers and everyone who donated money to both of those amazing orginizations. They flew by their original goal of $5,000, rasing over $7,000. With that type of generosity and a continued effort to get both schools to recognize The Chair, think of the money that could be raised for those orginzations! So thank you again to everyone for making this first ever “Chair-ity” fundraiser a rousing succcess!

Here are my quick-hitting thoughts on the game this week.

  • We are starting to see a QB develop right before our eyes. It goes without saying this was Demry Croft’s best game. He was decisive in what he wanted to do. His passes were right on the mark. He made his reads and got the ball out quickly. That type of efficiency and decision-making will win a lot of games.
  • Rodney Smith opened the game with a massive haymaker and he never let up with body blow after body blow. Really wish he could have been rewarded with another touchdown or two for the effort he put forth. But once again he showed his team first attitude by always being the first player to congratulate Demry and Kobe McCrary after they scored.
  • Over 400 yards rushing.
  • Kind of conflicted about the defense. They gave up some big plays but more often than not they made the big plays when needed. Duke McGhee’s 4th down stop in the first quarter took points of the board and completely changed the complexion of the game.
  • Ok, I’m really not conflicted about the defense. They played a really good game, which allowed the offense to make the plays they made.
  • Over 400 yards rushing.
  • JD Spielman sure would look good in maroon and gold Tracy Claeys.
  • Has Mike Riley been fired yet?
  • Over 400 yards rushing.
  • Over $7,000 was raised by a bunch in internet strangers in two states with a common goal of helping sick children. Unreal. I don’t care what the media keeps trying to tell us, there is more good in this world than bad! Don’t ever forget that!
  • Can someone check on Demry? Those holes were so big he may still be running.
  • Did I mention over 400 yards rushing yet?

Ok, onto what really matters, this weeks Stroll Through Twitterland. The main hashtags for this week were:






-Seriously, I can’t say thank you enough to everyone.

-Who cares if the game is over, lets see if we can get this thing over $10,000.

-Unbelievable, you are the best!

-Back where it belongs @tylerbirsch amirite?

-This is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

-This is the proper attitude @jmrapp17

-See even ESPN knows this is a legit trophy.

-Maybe it’s because of all the generosity, but I’m feeling all sort of sappiness today and I kind of love this picture.

-Pretty accurate in my opinion.

-When in doubt, hug a broken chair @KevinZintheTC amirite?

-Last but certainly not least. Actually no I am not embarrassed by it. I think it’s fun, different and entertaining. Want to know what I find embarrassing, Nick Saban complaing about how poorly Alabama played after winning by 40 points. I’m sorry you don’t enjoy fun @go4elk.

So there you have it, this weeks Stroll. How did you celebrate The Chair victory? What are your thoughts on the game? Does seeing the offense work this well start to give you hope for the future?



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