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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers Head East for Gavitt Tip-off Classic vs. Providence Friars - OPEN THREAD

Gophers and Friars present and early season test for both teams

Middle Tennessee v Minnesota Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images




5:30 CST PM



Two great things about this game. The first, is that this is a really solid test for the Gophers early in the season. Secondly, they are on TV and we get to watch them.

This is a game that does not favor Minnesota. KenPom has them as only 30% likely to win as this is a true road game against an NCAA team from a year ago returning all five of their starters.


  • Utilize Our Size - The Friars are not particularly big and the Gophers have some size in their starting lineup. Looking back to last year this team was pretty good at defending the three but teams scored more in the paint. Note that they also were not a particularly good rebounding team either. Lynch, Murphy and others need to dominate the paint and make that the story of the game.
  • No Turnovers - Zips mentioned this as well, but excelled last year at not turning the ball over while forcing turnovers on 20% of their opponent’s possessions. Take care of the ball. I like our guards a LOT and I’m confident we’ll not turn the ball over at an alarmingly high rate.

That’s it...just 2. I know 3 is the norm and feels more complete, but I feel that if we own the paint and don’t turn it over then we can win this game. The obvious things like make shots and don’t do really stupid things. But that’s not my concern tonight.

Looking forward to watching and seeing the personality of this team tonight.

Go Gophers!