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Strolling Through Twitterland: Minnesota vs. Northwestern

Gophers fall flat against the Wildcats

Minnesota v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Not sure what more can really be said at this point. I couldn’t watch the game live due to an early family Thanksgiving get together. Admittedly, I turned the game off at halftime once I started watching it late Saturday night. This was an exact replay of the 2015 game at Northwestern in which the Gophers lost 27-0. The Gophers have now failed to score a single point in their last two trips to Evanston. Not Columbus, not Ann Arbor, not State College, not even Madison, but Evanston. Pat Fitzgerald has built the former jNW, “just Northwestern”, into a very solid program. Maybe not a championship caliber program but a solid top-to-bottom program that can beat you every week. But the Gophers should never be shutout twice-in-a-row at Evanston.

Looking back on the Jerry Kill era, that 2015 loss felt like the low point of Kill’s time in Dinkytown. His one-dimensional offense was badly exposed in that game. Fast-forward two years and the same thing happened again Saturday. With the loss of Tyler Johnson, the Gophers have no one reliable enough to catch a pass. Rashad Still had the chance to show he could be the man, was targeting often and once again showed why he had only once catch coming into the game. It’s time to end the Rashad Still experiment. It’s too early to say this will be the low point of Fleck’s time in Dinkytown but that was a bad loss. Yet, as soon as word broke earlier in the week about Tyler Johnson, we shouldn’t have expected any other result as it made the offense even more one-dimensional than it already was. Maybe the game would have been more competitve if they hadn’t played in a typhoon, but that’s simply an excuse as both teams have to play in the same conditions. But it’s Axe Week and the Gophers have a chance to ruin Wisconsin’s dream season.

Onto what really matters, this weeks Stroll Through Twitterland. The main hashtags for this week were:






-Well @MrThorman you’re feeling was inaccurate but that’s ok because I had to show this hat off. It’s fire hot and I need. Give me give me give me.

-Here’s the back. I must have!


-Trust the process @RTBGopherFan

-I agree 100% with this @RTBGophers

-Soon friends. Real Soon.

-Trust the process @natotorn80

-Our own @GoAUpher took in the game and he is spot on. It’s not always about wins and losses, let’s all try and remember that.

-I mean @DanOwen247 isn’t wrong.

-Last but certainly not least here’s a panda doing panda things to brighten your day.

There you have it, this weeks Stroll. It’s been a diffiult season in a lot of ways, but let’s all try and take a step back and be thankful for the things we have in our lives including Gopher football.



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