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Minnesota Football: Big Ten Power Rankings Week 12

The final regular season edition

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last week’s rankings ended up being benched to Illness—sorry bout that. You didn’t miss much though except for a bit of jostling in the middle once again. Its the last week of the regular season, and the last chance to make a move before the pre-bowl rankings. Who will claw their way to the top or slide down towards the sad bottom?

As a reminder I rank the teams both 1-7 in their respective divisions, and then 1-14 overall in the Big Ten.

Here are my Week 12 Big Ten Football Power Rankings:

Big Ten East:

1. Ohio State Buckeyes

When we left...Sparty was in this spot. Then Ohio State beat them 48-3. Yeesh. The Buckeyes just toyed with an Illinois team that didn’t know any better this week to set up THE BIG GAME. The Buckeyes have to be favored, but its in Ann Arbor and this is the one week Harbaugh will get everything out of his team. Should be fun.

2. Michigan State Spartans

Sparty took their spanking and rebounded with a win over Maryland a week ago that was not pretty but got the job done. A last week trip to Rutgers should easily sew up the #2 spot for the Spartans and give them a shot at the top if Big Brother helps them out.

3. Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State could have moved up a bit but blowing out Rutgers doesn’t count for this committee and then allowing 44 points to Nebraska? Seriously? I really how? They finish off the regular season with a trip to Maryland and with a win probably have a NY6 Bowl spot reserved for them.

4. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan unfortunately do us all a solid in Madison last weekend. Thems the breaks. Can they spoil the Buckeye’s still potential College Football Playoff hopes this weekend? I wouldn’t rule it out.

5. Indiana Hoosiers

Watch out but the Hooisers have won 2 in a row. Yeah I mean the first one was Illinois, so lets not go stopping the presses or anything, but a 41-0 pasting of Rutgers is still pretty impressive. The Hoosiers just have to win the Old Oaken Bucket game against Purdue this week and they are going bowling. Somehow.

6. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

You will always have those 3 Big Ten wins Rutgers. Maybe you can upset Sparty this weekend? Whats the weather look like?

7. Maryland Terrapins

Maryland just wants this season to end. So much early promise and so much late pain. Penn State will just try and let you go to sleep gracefully and wake up in 2018 Terps...

Big Ten West

1. Wisconsin Badgers

Sigh. Maybe the Gophers can win this week? Ok...ok you can stop laughing now.

2. Northwestern Wildcats

Nothing happened last week. I don’t know what you are talking about. What game? It will be a 9-3 season for the Wildcats after this week. Not bad.

3. Purdue Boilermakers

I don’t even know what to do now. Purdue isn’t this good—noted by the fact that they might lose to Indiana and stay home from a bowl game this year, but they beat Iowa last week pretty handily. So..yeah we’ll put the boilers here.

4. Iowa Hawkeyes

How the bleeping bleep did you put 55 up on the Buckeyes? It literally makes no sense after watching every other game Iowa has played this year. You know they are going to lose to the Huskers...right?

5. Minnesota Golden Gophers

The bottom drops off here pretty fast doesn’t it. We’ll always have Nebraska. Now please try not to completely embarrass yourselves this weekend.

6. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Its the end of the road for Mike Riley, and I can think of nothing more fitting than beating Iowa one last time on Black Friday.

7. Illinois Fighting Illini

It can always be bad as it can always be worse.

Big Ten Teams Ranked 1-14

  1. Wisconsin Badgers (Previously #1)
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes (#3)
  3. Michigan State Spartans (#2)
  4. Penn State Nittany Lions (#4)
  5. Northwestern Wildcats (#7)
  6. Michigan Wolverines (#6)
  7. Purdue Boilermakers (#9)
  8. Iowa Hawkeyes (#5)
  9. Indiana Hoosiers (#13)
  10. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (#8)
  11. Minnesota Gophers (#12)
  12. Maryland Terrapins (#11)
  13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (#10)
  14. Illinois Fighting Illini (#14)

As always, if you disagree, let me know in the comments.