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Minnesota and Alabama Basketball: Crimson Tide playing most of the second half with 3 players

“My team’s on the floor.”

NCAA Basketball: the Barclays Classic-Alabama vs Minnesota Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

You read that correctly.

Minnesota and Alabama are playing at the Barclay’s Classic. In the second half there was a scuffle that resulted in the entire Alabama bench being ejected.

With just 5 players available the Crimson tide played with a full squad on the floor until one of them fouled out.

With over 11 minutes remaining it was a 5 on 4 power play for the Gophers.

And then another player was injured, now giving the Gophers a 5 on 3 advantage with over 10 minutes remaining.

Instead of this turning into a blowout, Bama outscored the Gophers 28-19 and had it down to a 1 possession game with under a minute to play before Gopher free throws put the game away.

The final score of this crazy game? 89-84 Minnesota. Don’t expect to see anything like that again for a long time.