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The Ski-U-Pahdcast previews Minnesota vs. Miami & talks about hair game

Also someone please fetch zipsofakron the cone of shame.

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Last night we recorded the best Pahdcast in the history of podcasts. Then we found out that someone (cough zipsofakron cough) didn’t record his audio and we had to start over. At 11:30 pm. So this is shorter than usual.

This still excellent edition of the Ski-U-Pahdcast is the result and we hope you enjoy! If you’re looking for football talk, well, there is very little of that (more coming next week, promise). Hockey? None of that either. But what we do have is great basketball and volleyball talk plus a breakdown of whether Victor Viramontes has better hair than the hockey team. The hard questions are still being answered people. Oh and we all go on record with our predictions for Minnesota vs. Miami tonight.


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