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Minnesota Football vs Michigan: Postgame Exit Survey

The Daily Gopher searches for an elusive rainbow after the Gophers’ rain-soaked loss in the Big House

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Michigan Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Little Brown Jug will remain in Ann Arbor for at least the next three years thanks to the quirks of conference scheduling and the Minnesota Golden Gophers’ 33-10 loss to the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday. It was the first blowout loss of the Elite Era at Minnesota, which I think means that P.J. Fleck is now officially the head football coach.

The torch has been passed. Welcome to the fire, coach.

What is your Tweet-length (140 characters or less) summary of the Gophers’ 33-10 loss to Michigan?

gopherguy05: The Jug stays in Ann Arbor for at least three more years. Time for hockey and basketball?

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Yeeeeeeeesh.

IowaGopher: Michigan ran the ball. Minnesota could not stop them.

Ustreet: Minnesota’s offense played like expected. Minnesota’s defense forgot basic gap control.

dvits14: Sounds like the Gopher hooptyball team will be pretty good this season.

GoAUpher: Haiku time again:

Rain rain go away

Merrick Jackson killed a guy

Blimpy Burger good

To borrow a Fleck-ism, who is your pick for “Nekton of the Week” from the game?

gopherguy05: Either Blake Cashman or Ryan Santoso. Feels dirty to give it to a punter but he was by far the best player for Minnesota.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: The film guy that gets to break this one down and show where there are opportunities to change our best in the run defense. He’s probably already earned his pay for the month.

IowaGopher: Merrick Jackson. To borrow a phrase from Bret Bielema, that sack was borderline erotic. I’d very much like to see that again.

Ustreet: Blake Cashman had the best game of any non-punter. Ryan Santoso had the best game.

dvits14: Goldy had an outstanding game. He was all over the place entertaining fans and foe alike. He’s really stepped up is game this season. He’ll be a beast by time his senior season rolls around.


Were there any positives from this game? Not a rhetorical question. I’d really like to know.

gopherguy05: Santoso probably locked up Big Ten Punter if the year.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: We only gave up two runs of over 10 yards in the second half after giving up seven in the first? Only three of those runs went for touchdowns?

IowaGopher: We won’t see the Wolverines again for three years. Hopefully by then we’ll have talent, experience, and depth on offense.

Ustreet: The punting was fantastic.

dvits14: Um, they killed another Michigan quarterback, so I guess they have that going for them.

GoAUpher: The view from Row 94 of Section 7 in the Big House was surprisingly pleasant.

Rutgers now has more Big Ten conference wins this season than Minnesota. Why is this happening?

gopherguy05: It’s because Rutgers plays in the weakest Big Ten division. Better realign soon.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Head coach Chris Ash isn’t in the first year of his change. It’s still more than I expected, that they were able to beat Purdue and Maryland in addition to Illinois, but it’s not really all that impressive.


This is the darkest timeline

Ustreet: Impossible. Rutgers is not in the conference. In addition, what WSR said.

dvits14: What is this “Rutgers” thing you speak of?

GoAUpher: The end times are upon us. And not because they’ve got more than Minnesota but because it’s Rutgers with B1G wins.

Minnesota and Michigan won’t meet again in the regular season until 2020 in Minneapolis. Make your prediction now and we’ll check back in three years.

gopherguy05: Gopher head coach Dino Babers wins his first trophy game.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Michigan will have a new coach, and we will be in much better shape than we are right now.

IowaGopher: The Gophers’ quarterback will sneak it in for a touchdown from the goal line with no time left to regain the Jug and prove the existence of a higher power.

Ustreet: In a preview of the Big Ten Championship, Minnesota by a field goal.

dvits14: Michigan will retain the Jug until the end of time since the Gophers are finally and mercifully shutting the football program down after this season.

GoAUpher: I’ll still be tall and wearing Zubaz.