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Minnesota Football: Big Ten Football Power Rankings—Week 10

Good luck figuring this one out...

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Iowa
Sad Buckeyes fans are fun...
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Penn State was in the drivers seat....and then blew it. Ohio State was in the drivers seat...and then blew it. Now...gulp. There is another team in the drivers seat....and its not great. Hopefully Iowa can ruin another team’s season this weekend.

As a reminder I rank the teams both 1-7 in their respective divisions, and then 1-14 overall in the Big Ten.

Here are my Week 10 Big Ten Football Power Rankings;

Big Ten East:

1. Michigan State Spartans

A year ago who would have thought we would be here. The Spartans were terrible. But, somehow they have figured it out. They beat Michigan, and last week they beat Penn State. If they can beat Ohio State this week they should be in the Big Ten Championship Game. Huh...

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

Well... I sure as hell didn’t see that coming. If you can explain how Iowa can barely score 14 points against Minnesota yet can then go for 55 on Ohio State. Yet, the Buckeyes still can be in the drivers seat for a Big Ten Title game berth win a won at home against the Spartans on Saturday.

3. Penn State Nittany Lions

How fast they fall. Two weeks ago the Nittany Lions were on top of the world. They they lose a squeaker against the Buckeyes and can’t pull off a win over the Spartans in a long delayed weather game. If they lose at home to Rutgers this week... Naw.

4. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan had no problem with the Gophers...just like most of the Big Ten. A trip to Maryland should give them another easy game before they finish with Wisconsin and Ohio State.

5. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers has three Big Ten wins. How? But its true. Something tells me Penn State won’t be in the mood to let them make it four this week.

6. Maryland Terrapins

Maryland is struggling with injuries...its a good thing they got that win over Minnesota early. Michigan comes to town this week and should leave with another fairly easy win.

7. Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana lost again. No surprise. But we get the loser bowl this week when the Hoosiers head to Illinois. Something has got to give.

Big Ten West

1. Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin keeps on crusing against the weakest teams possible. Its a bit frustrating. Iowa this week is the best team they will have seen all year and we can really see how good they are.

2. Iowa Hawkeyes

I’m not sure what voo-doo Kirk had going on last week, but wow. Can he do it two weeks in a row? Lets hope for all of our sanity he can.

3. Northwestern Wildcats

Three straight overtime wins for the Wildcats and a NCAA record. Crazy. Purdue comes to town for a night game on Saturday. Can they take Northwestern to OT again?

4. Purdue Boilermakers

Its a win against Illinois so I’m not sure it really counts, but never-less its a win. A night game at Northwestern will be a bit tougher this weekend.

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Huskers could not pull out a OT win over Northwestern at home last week. They could be Mike Riley’s last stand at TCF this week. Can the Gophers end another Husker Coaches’ career in Lincoln?

6. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Lost Jug. Win Chair? Please?

7. Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois hosts Indiana. Someone has to get their first Big Ten Win. It doesn’t have to be pretty.

Big Ten Teams Ranked 1-14

  1. Wisconsin Badgers (Previously #3)
  2. Michigan State Spartans (#4)
  3. Ohio State Buckeyes (#1)
  4. Penn State Nittany Lions (#2)
  5. Iowa Hawkeyes (#7)
  6. Michigan Wolverines (#5)
  7. Northwestern Wildcats (#6)
  8. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (#11)
  9. Purdue Boilermakers (#10)
  10. Nebraska Cornhuskers (#8)
  11. Maryland Terrapins (#9)
  12. Minnesota Gophers (#12)
  13. Indiana Hoosiers (#13)
  14. Illinois Fighting Illini (#14)

As always, if you disagree, let me know in the comments.