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Gophers beat Cornhuskers in 1935 #TBT

The game of the year of the day is the October 12, 1935 matchup of Minnesota vs Nebraska.

Hero of the game, George Roscoe

The date: October 12, 1935

The matchup: Nebraska vs Minnesota (AP Poll doesn’t start until 1936 so no rankings for this game)

The stakes: Minnesota had not been beaten in 3 seasons, and was on an 10 game winning streak. While Nebraska had national title dreams.

The backstory: During Minnesota’s 3 year unbeaten streak Bernie Bierman would later say he thought this was the best game of that stretch.

The game: Minnesota wins 12 - 7

AP game story

Minnesota Wins, 12 to 7,

By Stopping Cornhusker

Rally on Two-Yard Line

Nebraska's Hope for National Gridiron Championship

This Year Is Shattered by Gophers, 1934 Title-

holders, in Thrilling Battle Before 36,000 Fans

LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 13, 1935

Nebraska's dream of a national football championship lay trampled in the sod of Memorial stadium tonight.

Minnesota, undefeated since 1932 and rated as the national champion of 1934, bowled the Cornhuskers over today, 12 to 7, in a bruising battle, witnessed by 36,000 spectators.

Seldom has such football drama been packed into 60 minutes of any game. Almost before the howling fans had settled in their seats, Minnesota had scored. From then on until the finish it was a desperately-waged conflict, with the Corn-huskers rallying magnificently in the fourth period and missing by inches two chances to win.

George Roscoe, Minnesota's 176-pound left halfback, grabbed the opening kickoff and galloped 74 yards behind massed interference. Five plays later the ball was over Nebraska's goal with Roscoe carrying it there.

Roscoe Over Again

In the second period Roscoe again scored, scrambling over tile goal line from Nebraska's four-yard line. Both of Minnesota's attempts to annex the extra points were blocked.

The Cornhuskers' single touchdown was registered on two plays after the start of the second period. With the ball on Minnesota's 32-yard line, Sam Francis, Nebraska fullback, made it a first down with a plunge of a yard.

On the next play, a lateral pass, Francis to Lloyd Cardwell to Jerry Lanoue, Nebraska left halfback, the latter grabbed the ball, slashed through Minnesota's left tackle, got into the clear and galloped 31 yards for the touchdown. Francis place-kicked the extra point.

The Gophers, who haven't lost a football game since Wisconsin beat them 20 to 13 three years ago, appeared to have the same power and drive that swept them to national honors last year.

Roscoe, the Gophers' terror at left half, was a football team all by himself. He carried the ball 31 times, gaining 138 yards for an

average of 4.45.

Wild Home Roped

In contrast, Lloyd Cardwell, Nebraska's "wild horse" halfback and early bidder for All-American honors, was smothered throughout

the game, and fumbled away other chances for glory.

The Cornhuskers, outplayed the first two periods, fought the Gophers fairly even in the third and then came back with a magnificent rally in the fourth that gave them two opportunities to win. Seizing advantage of a break, when Douglas punted 82 yards from his own 25-yard line, the ball rolled to the Minnesota two-yard line, with Roscoe fumbling it and Shirey recovering for Nebraska.

Cardwell fumbled, recovered, but was thrown for an eight-yard loss to Minnesota's 10-yard line. Douglas tossed a long forward pass to Cardwell but it was batted down and their chance was lost.

With less than five minutes to go, the Cornhuskers opened up with another bristling attack, running the ends and throwing passes.

Cardwell was run out of bounds on the Minnesota 11-yard line where the Gophers recovered the ball on downs and the danger was over.